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Comment: Hello - My name is Stacie...

Stacie started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Info: Foundation Grants, Charity..."

Hello - My name is Stacie and I have one daughter who is nine .I am 39 Today is my bday ) and am a breast cancer survivor. I homeschooled my child for two years and I do work part time doing hair . I have come into a terrible situation with a cheating lying and abusive husband . He makes sure that I have nothing in which to syrvive . I think he is actually mad that I lived through cancer and now is trying to stress me so bad that it will probably bring my cancer back . Atleast that is my fear . I need to get away from him . I am in the process of finding legal aid to seek a divorce . However I could use an angel to help me through this . I would be so grateful and would gladly work for any financial assistance that any generous soul could be able to help me with . I have found an apartment in Crockett And need to secure the $800.00 rent. I am seeking to find another job to help me to pay rent in the future but this is really tight financially right now . Especially because it is the holiday season . All the more stress really . I am grateful to anyone who wishes to contact me by email to discuss this situatuin to see what we can arange . Thank you so much .you must be an angel . with love ,Stacie
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